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Kerri + Pat • Wedding Program Design

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Meet Kerri and Pat:

kerri and pat piggyback smiling

Aren't they the cutest?!

A little background: I've known Kerri since grammar school. She was a year behind me, and her older brother, Kevin, was in my grade. I always saw Kerri at school and church, and at assorted sports events over the years, cheering our brothers on in whatever they were playing that month! Haha. We may have even been in Brownies together, I seem to vaguely remember that :) But, once we were in high school, we became friends and participated in chorus and theater together. She was always smiling, and had such an awesome personality. I remember, even in high school, that she would say that she wanted to be a talent agent. And it is so awesome to know that that's exactly what she now is! How cool to see someone follow their dreams and turn it into reality <3

Kerri and I have stayed in touch over the years via social media. Soon after I launched Alycia Yerves Creative, I received an email from Kerri. She had just gotten engaged... yay!

kerri and pat

She told me that when the time was ready, she wanted to hire me to design a custom wedding program for her big day.


First, let me say... Kerri was an absolute dream to work with. Extremely organized, considerate, and full of concrete ideas for what she had in mind. She wanted a truly customized piece that helped tell the story of their relationship, and also provided some entertainment for their guests at the ceremony. She came loaded with fun little details and anecdotes to share with me about her and Pat's love story to help inform my design process. She also provided a file of images and clippings to give me an idea of her wedding color scheme (from florals to bridesmaid dresses) and themes. She provided me with adorable factoids and timelines about how they met (at school, as young kids!) and how they reconnected once they were older (at The Globe in Red Bank, where she bought him and his friends a round of drinks!)

kerri and pat with drinks

Kerri and Pat at The Globe. Photo by Ben Lau Photography.

But what I loved most, was what I began to understand about them as a couple: they are fun, modern, connected, best friends and soulmates.

Kerri was there for Pat as he worked his way through medical school, and Pat was there for Kerri as she worked to become an NYC talent agent. They are down-to-earth lovebirds who enjoy nothing more than cooking a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs at home, with family and friends.

Speaking of family and friends, this program was going to be a bit challenging because there was a large bridal party, who was each going to be featured in the program with a little bio about their relationship to the couple. Figuring out how to fit all of them (plus the ceremony details, hello!) was a bit like Tetris -- but we prevailed!!!

Taking inspiration from the spa blues and sage greens from the dresses and florals, I began to shape the concept of their program in my mind.

woman in white and teal bridesmaid dresses

With their young and modern sensibilities, I began to think of icons. Yes, the little graphics that you may find living on websites and apps. Similar to things like this:

Social media icons

I began to pore over the details and snippets of Kerri and Pat's love story, and brainstorm on which items to symbolize with an icon, and which should be written out in "DID YOU KNOW?" fashion.

The end result is something I'm very proud of, because it is one of those times where I can see the vision in my head and I was able to make it come to life for the finished product.

Most importantly -- the bride loved it, too! Kerri told me she became teary-eyed when she received my first draft. Her favorite part was the "did you know" section with all the stories and little icons that symbolized different memories in their relationship; from school to country music, pizza to taxis, vacations to coffee, baking to baseball.

Kerri and Pat wedding program
Kerri and Pat wedding program
Kerri and Pat wedding program

A word from the Bride:

"Love you guys so so much!! I will treasure these ! (And so will my Grandma. She took extra copies to share with her friends at her Senior Meeting lol!!!)"

Thank you again so much, Kerri & Pat, for asking us to be a part of your special day!!! We loved every minute of working with you to bring your vision to life, and help tell the story of your love.

Here are a few more photos from the beautiful day!

Kerri and Pat wedding program


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