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Let's get physical (in biz, that is)!

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

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2020… what a year it continues to be. Understatement much?!

#NationalSmallBusinessWeek also just wrapped up so let me just say: If you’re a small biz owner and you’ve made it this far in this tumultuous year — YOU DESERVE A CUPCAKE AT THE VERY LEAST. You’re still here, and that is to be celebrated. I’m proud of you.

Autumn is my FAVORITE time of year and the season changing always reminds me of awesome stuff like cider, firepits, shiny school supplies, and a fresh new start. I also remember how, as a kid, every year before heading back to school I would visit the doctor for my annual physical.

Get In Shape, Girl! A Fitness Program for Today's Young Girl

(Anyone else remember "Get in Shape, Girl!" — the 1980's series of fitness toys/books/tapes with a truly problematic, demanding title?)

Now, to be clear, as a girl who has been rather  rotund  her entire life, this annual checkup was a traditionally mortifying display where I would need to do jumping jacks in Dr. Gawler’s tiny exam room in front of the nurse, my mom, and the cowboy wallpaper for about 17 sweaty seconds before wanting to vomit-cry (or cry-vomit, whichever), and then stop sobbing long enough to go get a lollipop from the receptionist’s desk before going home blah blah blah GETTING OFF TRACK HERE but the point I'm trying to make is:

If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness quote image

This is as true in your personal life as it is in business. Conducting a physical to assess the health/wellness of your BUSINESS is very important, too!

And one of the best ways to assess the health of your business, is by taking a good, hard look at your brand reputation. When is the last time you took a few minutes to read the latest online reviews and social media comments your company has received? What are people saying — good, bad, or ugly? Do your reviews make you sweat?!

Reviews can tell you a lot about how people perceive your business. It can also tell you what you’re doing right, and where you have room for improvement. Here's a few scary stats from a recent Forbes article where they go into way more detail on the power of reviews.

I’ve seen first hand how reputation management and online reviews have helped many of my clients grow their businesses. In fact, I care about this topic SO much that I’ve been moving faster than Kristen Wiig's hips to create a bunch of awesome, value-packed resources to help you in your business wellness journey. I’m putting on the finishing touches as we speak.

In the meantime, conduct your own physical: Take some time this weekend to read what people are saying about your business. You might be surprised by what you find. But you can only manage what you bring to light.

You'll hear from me again soon with details on how I'm going to help you (and your brand) get in shape! 

Spoiler alert: I have lots of experience:

Alycia Yerves at aerobics class on a cruise ship at 4 years old

Me taking over an aerobics class on a cruise ship when I was 4. As one does. 

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