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Making content out of a hot mess


I kinda feel like there's no such thing as "too personal" for social media.

What do you think?

I believe this topic / question / roadblock about over-sharing floats around so often because ⤵️

Listen, I know. Being vulnerable and unpolished in public is scary!

But it does a LOT for your authenticity and likability.

Show your exhausted face, your (cluttered & coffee-stained) desk or car or kitchen, your unfinished work, your imperfect/normal REAL life. People want to know YOU... and honestly, the less conventional — the more intriguing and engaging it is! Some of my best performing posts are ones where I total word vomit, or talk about the bad days, or share the unpolished turd that sometimes is life. 💩

Thinking of a recent TMI moment?

We all go through crap sometimes, but you can't share in it with others if you don't share it at all.

What's holding you back from being 100% you on social?

Lemme help you detangle your brain… I’m a pro 😘

P.S.: For more ways to connect your content back to YOU, grab my free 2023 Content Calendar FULL of 100+ prompts and ideas to use!



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