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Hello from me to you 👋


Hey, there!


Are you an overwhelmed business owner, wearing

all the hats, trying to do ALL.THE.THINGS., running on

little more than a steady supply of caffeine and chaos?


Did you have cheese for dinner again?! 


Come sit by me (and don’t forget the coffee).


Hi. I’m Alycia. 


I’m a color-, music-, and nacho-loving creative director who spent 15 years marketing some of the biggest artists in the world—and now that I run my own biz, I want to put the spotlight on YOU.


I'm an idea person, all day, every day. I crave creativity, and absolutely must execute on my vision, (no matter how huge or insane or challenging) every time. My passion is untangling the business knots in your brain and weaving them into engaging content, because I believe every company has a story, and I want to tell yours. 


I’ve built my reputation on sparking the idea, no matter the project. My intuition kicks in and I instantly know what the creative direction and plan should be to get the message / product / event out there in a compelling way. I collaborate with brands to bring their visions to life, using an attentive, encouraging, fun, and nurturing process every time. 


You can’t start a fire without a spark. Let’s light the fire and make magic happen.

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Carey Balogh headshot

Carey Balogh, Brand Strategist

It was such a pleasure to work with Alycia Yerves Creative! Alycia is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable in so many areas - from social media advertising to graphic design. She is a real asset to any team!

Jaclyn Boruch headshot

Jaclyn Boruch, Business Owner

Alycia is a fantastic graphic artist. Her portfolio is stunning and creative— like her name implies. In mid-2017, I commissioned her for a unique (and challenging) logo development project. She has a great knack for capturing an idea or vision, and bringing it to life with her design. What stands out the most is that she ensured I was completely satisfied with the project results. A+ customer service

& A++ design.

Joe Iconis headshot

Joe Iconis, Writer & Performer

I had the pleasure of first working with Alycia on my musical BE MORE CHILL at Two River Theater, where she handled all online marketing for the show. I can confidently say that she is the most talented person I have ever dealt with in a marketing capacity at a theater. The content she created for the show was so in line with the spirit of the material and so fun, surprising, and electrifying that it engaged the cast and creative team as well as the fans ... The show is currently experiencing a huge of amount of success amongst online fan communities and a large part of that fandom is centered around content created by Alycia. She is simply the best - cool, brilliant, fun,

and generally badass.

Cynthia Wasco headshot

Cynthia Wasco, Entrepreneur

LOVED my experience and results! Alycia is professional, knowledgeable, and fair in pricing ... Even though I am across the country, communication and timelines were efficient and effortless. Alycia Yerves Creative is my

go-to for all my future design and marketing needs.

Chase Brock headshot

Chase Brock, Choreographer

My dance company LOVES Alycia Yerves Creative!! Alycia designed a stellar poster for our 10th Anniversary Season – VERY QUICKLY – which drove traffic to the box office and perfectly communicated our tone and message and work from its display on 42nd Street. HIRE HER!!!

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