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🎨 Branding tips for Graphic Design Day

Happy World Graphic Design Day!

I LOVE graphic design. It’s one of the main services that I’ve built my business on. Though we have grown to offer other services & solutions as well, graphic design will always be my first love.

As I was sharing on Insta earlier today – how cool is it that we can connect with the owner of the small biz, get to know their personality and brainstorm how to make their branding / website / content fit them perfectly?! It's what I like to call my zone of awesome 🎯, unicorn utopia 🦄, the yin to my yang ☯️, and the list goes on… 📝 (Check my Google reviews if you don’t believe me) You are your brand. Yes, it’s important to know who your ideal client is, and make sure that you are reaching them with your marketing and messaging… but if your business is based on you being someone else, what is even the point? That means your brand is serving up some false advertisement… and nobody likes that. 😤 When I look back at some of our brand design and marketing design work for various entrepreneurs, I don’t see the company that the design is representing… I see the *person* behind the scenes of that company. The person who had an idea, a talent, a determined drive… and a really big dream. I don’t think in brand names. I think in people. To me, they are: Katie, Carmen, Emily, Quincey, Cynthia, Laurelyn & Matt, Jaclyn, Sandi, and Janine. And Stephanie. And BJ. And Jessica. Kris. Dan & Dave. Carey. Jon. Katy & Ben. Danny. Helen & Mary Beth. Marilyn. John. Greg. Kathy. Jennifer. Jenna. Lena. Carl. Sara. Joe. I am so grateful that they trust me and my team to haul out our giant lunchbox of crayons 🖍 (ok, ok… maybe there’s some computers involved) and bring their dream to life with colors, patterns, typography, and a little sparkle—if they’re cool with that. 😉✨ Are you 🧘🏼‍♀️ ONE with your branding? If you need some branding help, scroll down to grab my free guide: 3 Steps to Nailing Your Logo.

Remember, you are your brand!


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