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😱Hot pink hair & curse words?!

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

You know what?
One of the best tips I can give: No one is an exact replica of you. You are your brand. Be yourself and you will find your people. Quote image

My client, Katie Us, is the owner of Kismet Acupuncture & Apothecary in Kenilworth, NJ and she LIVES by this message.

Katie Us working on a client with pink hair and tattoos

Because of this, I knew I wanted to incorporate Katie's personality into her new website. And as a result, Kismet Acupuncture has been getting noticed far and wide by others in her industry, but more importantly, by her ideal clients – the people she would love to work with!

In a recent interview with the NJ Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Katie said:

“I met Alycia Yerves of Alycia Yerves Creative through one of my yoga-acu workshop partners. I reached out and scheduled a discovery call with her … we discussed our ideas for the new website and decided it was a good fit. In the first three months of 2020, Alycia went to work. She would send me questions and ask me to re-write information in my voice for the new site. I would put on some fun music – think 90’s rock, old school punk rock, pop-punk, some Bowie, and sit down to write. What Alycia created still takes my breath away every time I log in to see it. She turned my website into an extension of who I am as a person."

Kismet Acupuncture store with Katie Us bio on her ideal patient

Just lemme stab you you're gonna love it kismet acupuncture pin

A pin we designed. Of course, Katie has merch!!!

You can do it, too. You can go your own way, be yourself, and grow your brand. You don't have to abide by outdated business traditions and what you think you SHOULD be doing.

Don't “should” all over yourself.


BTW: When is the last time you used social media to show the face behind your brand?

I'd like to challenge you to close out the week by posting a selfie tomorrow on your Instagram or Facebook (or social media channel of your choice) and use the hashtag

When you take the time to share the PERSON behind the the brand (who makes the products, who offers the services, who is the hustler who runs the show behind the scenes), others love to see it! People love seeing people. I bet if you went back and looked at your best-performing posts over the last year, a bunch of them would be photos of you or your team.

So how can you build the "know/like/trust factor" more regularly into your content? People hire people they like! People buy from people they like! People invest in people they like! By sharing the YOU, you become more authentic to your audience and potential customers and people feel like they are getting to know you. They can relate to you, and this is a HUGE deal. “Your vibe attracts your tribe." Get real, and don't be afraid to share the imperfect moments. In fact, this can even help you find your ideal customer! Speak directly to them. Uniquely them.

Are people clicking with you? Are they vibing? You know... that feeling of: "OMG YOU REALLY GET ME."

But equally important to everything I just said is that you also tell your brand story! What is your business, what do you do, who do you serve, what inspires you, etc. You can't assume that your hundreds or thousands of social media followers ALL KNOW who you are and what you do. Maybe some of them did know at one point but that was months or years ago and so you need to periodically remind them. Your posts of products, cool stock photos, and inspirational quotes will only go so far. Time to inject your gorgeous face and amazeballs story into their feed. Make them stop the scroll!

Below is an example of a #FridayIntroductions post on my Instagram if you want to look there for some inspo. When you do your post tomorrow, tag me so I can show you some love!

Alycia Yerves instagram post with rainbow hair

Alycia signature

Alycia Yerves home office
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