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💖 It's ok not to be ok

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, my friend, and as a fellow frazzled entrepreneur, I wanted to remind you:

It's OK to not be OK.

Before I started therapy in 2021, I had been silently struggling for years with how to cope with an assortment of issues I’d been dealing with. A friend had periodically encouraged me to talk to someone but I had never tried therapy before and I was afraid, embarrassed, anxious, and frankly, just not ready.

And that’s the thing. I’ve learned that there’s no magical “ok, I’m ready” moment — for anything really. But I finally decided that MY WAY just wasn’t working anymore — and I felt I needed to try reaching out to get some professional help on detangling a zillion things.

I researched several online platforms and eventually decided to try the free trial at Better Help. After a little trial & error (which may happen to you too, and that’s ok), I was matched with an awesome counselor. It’s so important to find the right fit for you and your specific needs.



She is kind, empathetic, open-minded, extremely helpful, and always understands me. I’ve referred a bunch of friends to her over the years, who are now her clients, too. We’ve been meeting virtually a few times a month ever since. I’ve seen lots of improvement in my life and I know that therapy is one of the best things I could have done for myself.

Feel free to reply to this email and ask me any questions about my therapy journey, about my experience with Better Help, or just to chat. I'm here for ya.

Even if you’re not “ready”, and are still silently struggling like I was for many years — I’m sending you love & support, and letting you know that it was so much easier and more helpful than I expected.

I honestly look forward to my sessions now, because they are a judgment-free safe space to dump and process past, present, and future.


Something my therapist likes to remind me is that every storm eventually ends. ☔️⚡

PS: Social media isn't the real, full picture. We are all dealing with our own shit, and you’re not alone. Remember that! 💙



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