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😮 She called me a gumball machine

Here's an actual client text message I received recently:

When you book my content strategy package, we'll work together to:

  • identify your ideal client

  • develop your content pillars, social media aesthetics, & brand personality

  • create an editorial calendar with 3 months of topic prompts and messaging

  • curate a starter pack of stock images you can use in your posts

  • customize a handful of editable social media graphics (set up in Canva)

  • provide guidance on audience curation and engagement techniques

  • supply a helpful guide for best practices & ongoing social media management

By the end of our collaboration, you'll feel confident and set up for success with everything you need to kickstart your exciting new content strategy. Drop me a note to learn more… let's do this!


To less posting stress and more business joy,


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