• Alycia Yerves

📝Virtual study hall for your biz?

My friend, quick question:

Would you like dedicated time to work ON your business instead of IN your business?!

It can be planning, reading, writing, researching, signing up for something, designing something, watching that video, listening to that podcast, registering for that conference, reviewing that data, fixing those typos, editing that blog post, paying that bill, writing that job description, tweaking that resume, updating that LinkedIn bio, changing that profile picture, drafting that newsletter…

By setting aside dedicated time to actually do it, chances are it will actually happen.

Plus, there's the accountability factor and the visual that you're not alone. Let's have quiet time while we slash through that endless to-do list. We don't even have to talk to each other... just be together, accomplishing stuff!


then I want to hear from you!

Leave a comment and give me your preferences on days/times!

In fact, maybe I'll call this virtual study hall: The Breakfast Club?! (Vice Principal Vernon is not invited)

PS: Trying to decide what to work on first? I've got a suggestion:

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