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🎧 2-part podcast interview with Create Outside the Box!

I recently sat down with Corinne Schaefer, Co-Founder/Producer at Creative OPERAtions, and host of the Create Outside The Box podcast.

We discussed things like: marketing as an art form, bringing your ideas to life, and being in charge of your own brand.

I also talk about being a RENThead, why college sucked, and how I stumbled into a marketing career.

We had such a fun time chatting, it couldn't all fit into one episode so she split it into two parts. Ha!

In this snippet from part two, I’m talking about why I believe authenticity mattersa lot when it comes to deciding what to post on social media. When I see one of my mentors sharing that they had a really shitty day, or a recent heartbreak, or that they really fucked up and made a big mistake — it shows me that the smoke and mirrors fade away and we are all only human. 😔💞

Listen to both episodes on your favorite platform: 🎧 SPOTIFY 🎧 APPLE PODCASTS 🎧 YOUTUBE

Thanks for tuning in!


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