• Alycia Yerves

2020 Wrapped

Listen, my friend:

Let's not waste any more time rehashing how sucky this year has been, ok? I'm choosing to take a sec to look back on some fun stuff instead.

It's something for you to scroll while you're waiting for the ball to drop.

Join me, won't you?

Sending a VERY Happy New Year to you, my friend!

I hope you're spending it somewhere cozy and warm, with your immediate household bubble of loved ones. And because everyone needs something sparkly to close out the year, here's a simple pink (duh) mocktail that even the kids can enjoy.

See you all in 2021!

(Don't forget the onion dip. I'm counting on you.)

PS: Start your 2021 marketing on the right foot from DAY ONE. Grab my freebie, The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Checklist for Small Business!

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