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✨ Calling all free-spirited solopreneurs…

OMG! Summer is almost over (although I do LOVE “local summer”, don't you?!) and I don't want you to miss grabbing your spot on my project calendar before it fills up.

If you’re super-passionate about your work (and are a KIND human) craving a new brand identity, website, or content strategy that truly reflects who you are, let’s do it!

I know how important it is for your branding & marketing to speak volumes about your unique personality and story, my friend. As a free-spirited and open-minded creative myself, I understand the power of authenticity and the desire to forge your own path.

Just like my client, Dr. Stephanie Huth Lipnicki of Natural Alternatives Center for Wellness in Allentown, NJ.

Stephanie is KIND, creative, free spirited, open-minded, and has a story to tell. So she checked off all my boxes of who my ideal client is ☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️ — she also is a badass acupuncturist who tap dances and has purple hair and glitter Doc Martens and loves the Muppets and The Birdcage and 80s music and Broadway. So obviously, she is my people. 💜

We had designed her website a while back, and she brought us back to design her new brand identity. This reel shows a bit of the development process.

One of our biggest pieces of visual inspiration here was the belly photo from her website, because it helped represent so many things: acupuncture, wellness, womb, fertility, woman, life, etc... and the final logo result reflects this photo but also pulls in earth, mother, sunrise, hope, healing, blooming, protection/care, community, and more.

Encapsulating it all with an arch is meant to represent both a window and a door: A hopeful window to your future life of healing, and a doorway to step through into the wellness center.

💜🖤 This brand suite *is* Stephanie. It’s a little witchy, a little bitchy, and has that “more is more” vibe, which I don’t typically do that much w/ branding, and it breaks a lot of the “rules” you’re supposed to follow in brand design — BUT — Stephanie is bold and bright and breaks the rules every day.

I believe you ARE your brand. I want that to come through in anything we work on together. Imagine a brand that captures your essence, a website that becomes your online sanctuary, or a content strategy that sparks connections. Together, we’ll craft a visual and digital experience that resonates deeply with your audience.

Let's collab to bring your vision to life! Spots are limited, so let's chat.

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