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Can I pick your brain?

Well, hello there! Long time, no chat. I hope you had a great summer full of music, swimming, and nachos.

On this first evening of fall, I figured it was a good time to tell you what I've been up to all summer: As you may recall from my last email, I've referred to it as my “Summer of George.”

In short: Over the past few months, I treated myself to a whole bunch of shit to celebrate my 40th birthday. I kinda just didn't really care, and decided to just do what I wanted to do.

Here's the highlights reel of what that looked like for me:

And a whole bunch of other fun things, too. And WOW, did I mentally “check out” quite a bit!

But ya know what lesson I learned?

For me, “doing the damn thing” sometimes means splurging on Springsteen tickets. Or going to get ice cream for dinner. Or planning a road trip. Or scaling back on my marketing efforts a bit to finally carve out time to work on creating my first digital course!

I know it's tough to prioritize things differently than you're used to, but just imagine what that could mean for your life!

…btw, can I pick your brain for a sec?

PS: I'm working on something and need some feedback. If you're a biz owner, please comment below and tell me: If you could wave a magic wand and make your biggest marketing challenge disappear, what would it be? 🪄


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