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How theater shaped my business path

Hey there, friends,

Sharing some cool news: my interview with Canvas Rebel was just published!

Join me for a stroll down memory lane where I share how my previous career in the theater world has played a pivotal role in shaping my approach to entrepreneurship.

Those 15+ years set the stage for my marketing and design philosophy, fueling my determination to help fellow biz owners (like you) find their light and shine.

A little excerpt:

As you read my story, encourage you to think back on your own past experiences. What moments from your past life have brought you to where you are today? It's endlessly inspiring to see how the lessons we learn in one career can seamlessly intertwine with our current path.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this little peek behind the curtain, and I hope it sparks your own creativity and inspires your entrepreneurial spirit!

PS: Should I create some resources specifically for theaters and arts institutions? Tell some more stories from those days? Hit reply and lmk your thoughts!

PPS: Now booking marketing, web design, brand design, and content strategy packages. Get in touch here and let's create a showstopper together!


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