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A Funny Girl and a Viral Moment

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

I recently saw a Facebook post written by actress Barbara Tirrell about being asked to jump into the cast of Funny Girl on Broadway at the last minute when COVID was wreaking havoc backstage... her story was incredible and full of insane details and twists and turns. I knew more people needed to read this! So I chimed in with a simple suggestion that apparently helped her post go VIRAL! Thousands of likes, comments, shares, and interview requests coming in from the media.

Like, WHAT?!

Here's what Barbara said about how it all went down:

For those of you who haven't yet read Barbara's amazing story, keep reading or check it out here -- it is a MUST READ.

Moral of the story?

Even something as small as making an interesting or engaging private post public can get you massive marketing results for your business or personal brand!

Next time you make a post or share something, are you doing all these things?

  • Checking share settings are turned on (if you WANT them on, that is)

  • Tagging the person / people or company or brand you are talking about

  • Re-sharing your own post across social platforms

  • Repurposing your posts for other marketing avenues (Ex: this was a Facebook post turned into an Instagram post, turned into a blog... next up, email!)

  • Are you responding to the comments you receive?

Marketing does not have to be scary and it does not have to be complicated. People want to know, like, trust, and connect with other people. THAT'S IT.

Be yourself and share your stories, friends. And don't forget that you live a very interesting life! Don't take it for granted... take us into your world :)

Another HUGE thank you to Barbara for taking time out of her busy Funny Girl schedule to leave me a 5-star Google review about what happened! It was my pleasure to chime in w/ this idea and watch your amazing story get shared with the world.

PS: Do you have a content strategy in place for your personal brand or business? If not and you want to learn more about what that could look like...let's chat and see if we'd be a good fit to work together! I have a few content strategy spots for the remainder of 2022


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