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🧵 Is the Threads app here to stay?

It's all over the news this week, but is Threads here to stay?

Nobody can say for sure yet, my friend. But I'm having fun checking it out so I've created this post for ya… let's dive into 5 easy strategies you can use to encourage engaging conversations on Threads:


Threads is a new social media app (and Twitter competitor) that's all about fostering convos and bringing you closer to your online besties.

The app was created by Instagram, and was designed to facilitate private and meaningful conversations within a smaller circle. It's like having your own personal sanctuary for connecting with your closest friends. You can share photos, videos, and messages seamlessly, keeping the conversation flowing in a focused and intimate space.

I know you're used to hearing me say things like: “You DO NOT need to be on every single platform out there. Start with one, do it well, and then layer in additional later if it makes sense to. There will always be some new app, some new platform, some new shiny thing. But why spend time on any of that if they're not going to last?”

Well, I still feel that way. BUT! I decided to still give Threads a try because of several interesting points:

  • It's a sister app to Instagram, which means you can automatically request to follow the people you already follow on IG. Which means you don't have to start from scratch with building your community there.

  • Also due to it being a sister app to IG, there's evidence to show that it may algorithmically contribute to more of your IG followers seeing your content now.

  • There are currently no ads.

  • There's a really positive vibe over there at the moment.

  • I missed out being a TikTok early adopter. Didn't want to miss out on some organic opportunities on Threads, too.

So come check out my post with some tips, and then come find me on Threads!

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