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Ladies Who Launch, #4: Bianca Lominy of Honey B Media Group

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

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Honey B Media Group secured this placement for me


Maybe it's just me, but when autumn (my favorite season) arrives, I am ready for NEW.

Whatever new may be. It's possible that autumn permanently triggers memories like new notebooks, new crayons, new pencil bags, new backpacks, new school shoes, etc. But now as a business owner, each fall I am so ready to learn, begin, and grow.

This time of year, I find that I put myself out there more and put more effort into taking new classes & workshops, getting my company some new press or speaking engagements, or establishing new connections and partnerships with other businesses.

In fact, earlier this week I spoke on a panel for Eastern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce where I led a discussion on social media and reputation management. I LOVE talking nerdy about those topics but I can be a bit hesitant / nervous about presenting... but I realize it's good to step out of your comfort zone every now and then. Made some wonderful contacts, and I'm happy I did it!

But back to the point: to me, autumn means trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. So I have a new topic I'd like you to explore for your business this season:

Have you ever wondered how small business owners and entrepreneurs get quoted in national articles, blogs, interviews and more?

Each year, more and more companies are including public relations as part of their ongoing brand awareness strategy.

According to

"Public relations is an essential part of marketing for any company because it brings visibility and credibility to your business. Getting featured in top-tier outlets with millions of readers per month not only boosts your website traffic, but also lets people learn about you from a neutral perspective [...]

You've probably noticed graphics like this on some company websites you've visited:

honey b media press logo bar

Did you know that you can start generating this type of buzz for YOUR business, too?

One strategy you could try is using Help a Reporter Out, aka "HARO". HARO is free, and provides daily opportunities for sources (i.e., YOU!) to secure valuable media coverage. I myself have seen lots of success using the service for my company. Being quoted in a story or interview helps you establish your authority and credibility.


If you're not quite ready to step out of your comfort zone and you want to work on your business, and not IN your business, (and are eager to have someone else do the legwork of pitching stories to publications & journalists, following up, and following up AGAIN) -- you may want to invest in an experienced publicist to handle everything for you. continues:

" [...] getting in the outlets is a difficult task. Knowing how to tell your story and who to tell it to is half the equation. The other half is how not to be ignored, even with the perfect pitch and timing. This usually requires hiring a PR company with years of experience and established connections [...] "

Enter: Bianca Y. Lominy.

Bianca is a public relations specialist, writer, creative director, and PR agency founder who knows how to craft intriguing pitches to secure press placements for her clients. Whether it's magazine spreads, podcast interviews, television appearances -- Bianca has it on lock.

I'm so excited to publish Bianca's Ladies Who Launch story this week and have you learn more about this talented lady. ( ICYMI, this is a blog series where I chat with badass bossladies around the world who have taken the leap of faith into entrepreneurial life. )

BTW - If you know a bosslady who would be perfect for a future feature in this blog series, send her this link.

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Bianca Y. Lominy (photo by Leef Parks)
"I don't have a designated work place for the things I do," says Bianca Y. Lominy, "but I love being in front of the camera to decompress and keep my creativity flowing." (Photographer: Leef Parks)

Bianca Y. Lominy is a creative entrepreneur and the founder of Honey B Media Group, a creative media agency dedicated to emerging brands and talents. The company is located in Linden, NJ, and officially launched during the summer of 2017.

From the company's Facebook page:

(Honey B Media Group is) "A media agency built on catapulting the visibility of developing brands, organizations, and artists. We are interested in creating a well-rounded story that ensures your external matches your internal."

I was eager to hear more about Bianca's experience starting her brand, and the inspiration for how it all came to be.

Honey B media group logo

Q: What made you decide to launch your business?

I had been freelancing for a while and thought it was time to make a business out of it. The name Honey B Media Group came from the foundation of my mom always calling me Queen B. So, it just fit. I want my company to be a hive where everyone is working for the greater good of the causes each of my clients represent.

Bianca Bianca Lominy creatively directing a promo for a client's play
Bianca Lominy creatively directing a promo for a client's play

Q: What is your earliest entrepreneurial memory, long before you decided to become a business owner?

To answer this question is hard lol, I wasn't the kid with a lemonade stand selling things but my mind was about handling my business. Being raised by a single mom and being the oldest put me in the position to have to be sharp. I was very independent and naturally a boss by birth. As I journeyed throughout school from elementary into college, I knew I was built to create space and opportunities. I was always resourceful and connecting the dots and building bridges for my family and friends. Every job I've ever had always had me thinking of ways to curate space in the infrastructure that was about building up the employees, ways to encourage professional growth, how everyone could contribute to the greater good of the company so they felt and believed that they belonged and that didn't always play out that way. Being a leader was something natural to me so when faced with the chance to create my own way, I knew it was the right thing to do because everything that I have done in my life lead me to this moment. The moment was about becoming a resource.

Bianca Y. Lominy Brunching and Emailing
Bianca Y. Lominy "Brunching and Emailing" :)

Q: Two-part question: what does your staff/team look like if you have one, and who is/are your personal support system?

It's just me at the moment but I am hoping that it changes soon! First and foremost, GOD! Without my faith, I don't know where I would be. In the years of being on my own my faith has gotten so much stronger which has strengthened my relationship with myself, my family and my friends. My mom, sis, pop and nana (who's in heaven) are the physical form of that God love and support. I wouldn't be where I am without their unconditional encouragement, love, honesty, critiques and affirming words.

Bianca's beautiful mom, Deana.
Bianca's beautiful mom, Deana.

Q: What is something you wish you knew before starting your own business (the shit nobody tells you about)?

I wish I had a better understanding of the financial aspect of it all. It's one of the things I presently struggle with just being 2 years in. From budgeting to taxes to expense building and more. I am working at building my knowledge around it so that it's something I have a good handle on especially when I start to build out my team.

Q: How do you de-compress -- such as binge tv, activities, food, hobbies, pop culture guilty pleasures, etc?

I de-compress by doing anything that offers me the time to be present and care-free so that includes solitude where I am just laying with my thoughts, binging a show on Hulu or Netflix, reading is something I am diving into more. I am always watching a handful of things but mindless TV I rewatch old cartoon series like Hey Arnold, Doug, Daria and others lol. I love to indulge in ice cream as a form of self care - I don't have a favorite flavor because each brand carries something I am love with but Häagen-Dazs has a new product line of spirit flavors so Irish Creme Brownie, Rum Tres leces and more - It's legit to die for!

Q: Most-played track on Spotify?

My most played track on Tidal at this current moment (because it changes from week to week and sometimes month to month) is Still Blue by SiR feat. Jill Scott. There's only one word to describe it - MAGICAL.

Q: Favorite liquid refreshment?

My favorite liquid refreshment depends on the day lol but top 3? Spicy Margarita, Whiskey Ginger or a nice glass of Red Wine - this is not in any particular order lol.

Q: Is there a woman who inspires you, or that you look up to?

Bianca meeting Elaine Welteroth
Bianca meeting Elaine Welteroth
I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many inspirational women. First, my mom because she really did the damn thing when it came to raising me. I was and am able to dream out loud because of her. 2nd, Rihanna because she's a renaissance woman who hasn't allowed anything to get in her way. She's stylish, bold, unapologetic and grounded in herself. She's the type of power house I know I will be. 3rd, Elaine Welteroth just because. I do not have the literal words to what the spirit of that woman does to me. She pushes me to dig soulfully deeper. She reminds me that God's plans are always greater than yours and the way she loves her momma teaches how I want to be the best daughter I can be to my own.

Q: What is your best business tip?

The business tip that I have to give is to be accountable and to give grace. Accountability builds character. It keeps us humble and honest. This helps build trust within yourself because you know that you are capable of shutting down your ego and able to move with logic. It helps build trust with others because it provides comfort that they know your word is your bond, that actions will follow and spirit will lead. Grace is needed in business because it's tough. Grace allows you to make space for reflection, redemption and forgiveness. Life has a way of hardening us and it's best to keep the heart soft. These two things help with that.

Grace will take you places hustling can't quote image

Q: Everyone's got one... what's your favorite curse word?! Time to let it out!


Q: What are your Top 5 tools of the trade (i.e., in your day-to-day work, these are the top 5 things you need to do the work and/or that you couldn't live without)? 

1) I need my bible app, co-star and Pattern app - my spirituality and being centered are so important to me.  2) My passion planner - writing things down help me remember things and just nice have visuals. 3) The NJ Transit app bc it's a life saver when rushing into the city for meetings or shoots. 4) Instagram lol because it helps me keep up with what's trending.  5) Pinterest to help with my creative flow and planning!

NJ Transit app on a phone
NJ Transit app = lifesaver!

Q: Last question: what about this job & lifestyle brings you the most joy and fulfillment?

Knowing that I am creating a lane for myself in a world that's intimidated by a strong Black woman brings me joy. I know that my existence is shaking things up and I live my life in hopes that I inspire women all around the world to live and stand in their truth. Being able to build a business from the ground up is also shifting the legacy of my family which is super important to me. With me, we are experiencing a lot of newness. New understanding, new ways of living, new worlds, new possibilities and more. I want to build a legacy that is limitless and I am doing that. The work I do for my clients, brings me the most joy to see them understand their purpose better and their impact on the world.

Bianca Y. Lominy (photo by Leef Parks)
Bianca Y. Lominy (photo by Leef Parks)


Sending an ENORMOUS thank you to Bianca for sharing her story with me, and bringing us all into her world.

You can email Bianca at or follow Honey B Media on Instagram or Facebook. Follow Bianca personally on Instagram, here.

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