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New Blog Series!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

ladies who launch with alycia yerves


Over the last few years since launching my marketing/design business, I have learned SO. MUCH.

Seriously, every day, new lessons.



I am someone who always has a million ideas in her brain and needs to execute on them in her own way(s), but I also enjoy learning from others and am grateful to have someone hold my hand through learning a new tool or process.

As a female entrepreneur in the creative space, I quickly devour anything and everything produced & published by amazing women like: Amy Porterfield. Jenna Kutcher. Marie Forleo. Rachel Hollis. Anna Dower. Shay Cochrane. Dannie Fountain. Megan Martin. Reina Pomeroy. Melinda Livsey. Tarzan Kay. Lauren Carnes. Natalie Franke. Ashlyn Carter. Hilary Rushford. Allison Marshall. Claire Pelletreau... and many, many more.

Whether it's downloading their e-books, reading their email newsletters, taking their courses, listening to their podcasts, watching their tutorials, reading their blogs, or simply following them on social media, these ladies have become my brain trust.

illustration of a group of female friends
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When I was a newbie to entrepreneurial life (which I still am, btw), I was eager to get my proverbial shit together and learn all.the.things. as soon as possible. With that lofty goal, it has been incredibly helpful to have the guidance of this digital tribe of talented women who all regularly share the good AND bad parts of running a business and pursuing your dreams.

Because learning from them has been so inspiring, I wanted to find a way to chat with other fempreneurs at every stage of their journey, in the hopes that their stories will: inspire you, teach you something, lift you up, make you laugh, validate you, and encourage you. By learning from each other, we all succeed. Community over competition.

Empowered women empower women. I believe in supporting your sisters.

I wanted to hear all about their brand and passions, and the path that has led them here... why someone chooses this crazy life... the real shit. Being an entrepreneur is HARD. And exciting. And stressful. And exhilarating. And, and, and, and, and...

I wanted to put a spotlight on them and their brand, and let their personality shine!!!

I decided I would turn it into an ongoing blog series.

When I first put out the call on social media, I was shocked with how many responses I got from women who were eager to tell their stories. And in the few weeks since, the list has grown and grown. What I've learned about these awesome boss ladies has been incredible! I can't wait for you to meet them all.

If you know a #bosslady who would be perfect for a feature, send her this link.

Let’s hear it for the ladies who launch!

ladies who launch with Alycia Yerves logo


PS: the name of the series. It's called Ladies Who Launch, and it's meant to be a play on the song "The Ladies Who Lunch", (from the Stephen Sondheim musical Company). Anyone who knows me, knows I am a musical theatre NERD. Before launching my own business, I worked in the arts for more than 15 years, so I wanted a way to honor that connection. This song was sung by the late, great, Elaine Stritch, in the original Broadway cast of Company. The song became her signature number over the remainder of her career. You may recognize her from 30 Rock, but the feisty Ms. Stritch did a LOT more than that! She was one tough cookie, and I will always love her.

Everybody, rise.

Elaine Stritch with hat
Photo by Brigitte Lacombe


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