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Ideal vs. real 🥱

Updated: Apr 16

“Yeah, I could probably slap up something basic really fast, but ideally I’d love to be able to do it the RIGHT way and how I actually want it to be.”

I was recently having a convo w/ a business owner friend about her lengthy to-do list, and all her ideas for the many new services she’d like to launch, and products she’d like to create.

We’d had this conversation before. Many times.

And I bet you have, too.

But ya know what?

If you don’t have (or make) the time to “slap up something basic really fast”, what makes you think you’ll suddenly have the time to “be able to do it the RIGHT way”???

And what does “RIGHT way” even mean?!

Don't let “ideal" keep you from making it real, my friend.

Done is better than perfect.

...Didja hear what I said?


You got something done!!!

:: confetti, champagne, 80s music, nachos ::

I know you’re sick of saying the same thing to yourself, over and over again and piling up that to-do list.

What about a “look-what-I-got-done list” instead???

I’ve recently implemented this process in my business and life and it is a GAME CHANGER for my productivity (and dopamine lol).

Here’s a shocker: You don’t have to get things right... you just have to get them started.

Let’s stop waiting for everything to be ideal, and let’s start just making things real.

Are ya with me?!?!?!!?!?



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