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Stop reinventing the content wheel and do this instead…

Getting right to the point, my friend.

Look back through your past content, and take some of your best performing stuff and repackage it in a different way, or write about it on other sites or platforms ⤵️

As an added bonus, this all helps you capitalize on the marketing concept called The Rule of 7, which explains that it takes an average of seven interactions with (or impressions of) your brand before a purchase (or conversion) takes place. It’s ok to sound like a broken record — cuz I assure you, you’re the only person that thinks it sounds that way! So keep repeating yourself and sharing your message/service... cuz the internet is a damn busy place and people need reminders.

BTW: Need more help with your marketing efforts? SNAG MY ULTIMATE SOCIAL MEDIA CHECKLIST BUNDLE! It's just $7 — and I’ve got your marketing tasks broken down into daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly / yearly checklists AND I’m throwing in content calendar templates, too. Cuz I love ya. 👇

Is repurposing content a regular part of your content strategy, my friend?

PS: Don't forget to grab my $7 Ultimate Social Media Checklist Bundle!

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