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🤒 I was sick and it sucked.

Is your content strategy falling a bit flat?

If you’re doing lots of the right things…posting, engaging, showing up...

You might still be missing an important piece of your strategy. 🧩

There are so many ways to give away value! Value comes in all shapes and sizes, no matter what industry you're in… there's something for you to give.

Psst… I have a page on my site that hosts all my assorted lead magnet freebies and they've been working great for me for years. Check them out here for examples and quick wins in your biz!

Why is free value an important piece to your strategy? Because you are positioning yourself as the expert, showing you are confident in what you know, and you’re willing to give that quick win help at no cost.

It also gives folks a chance to see what it’s like to learn from you or see what your business is about.

By sharing quick wins, you are building the know / like / trust factor consistently. When they are ready to tackle their next project, you’ll be who they think of!

Don’t be afraid to give away some of your best stuff every once in a while, too… I promise it will come back to ya.

P.S.: For an example of one of the ways I share value, grab this freebie ⤵


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