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🧁 You deserve the cupcake

Quick reminder: You deserve the cupcake. 🧁

Had a combo catchup/kickoff call a few days ago with a fave client who I’ll be working with again on a website refresh. In our chat, we talked about 2023 (ya know, the hellish shitstorm we all just tumbled through), how the very start of 2024 is going, and all things life & biz.

And she called me out for totally glossing over the fact that I hit many of my 2023 business goals despite the fact that it was such a horrible year.

She demanded that we pause to recognize and celebrate that, and stop shining our brightest spotlight on the most negative spots, fails, and misses. Life is life, and we are still here, and we still achieved all kinds of things amidst the hike to Mordor! 🌋


She def stopped me in my tracks because she was SO right. 😔

When I look back at 2023, there truly were plenty of positives and highlights and a lot of growth. And yet, I don’t really pause to take that in, because the negative aspects and chaos are just soooooo much “louder”.

My friend/client asked me to make a pact with her to treat ourselves to a nice cupcake this week, because we deserve to celebrate all of our achievements, no matter how small they may seem.

“Treat yourself. Don’t think about splurging, just go get your cupcake. You deserve it.”

So later that day, we made it happen and texted each other an update!

Check 'em out! 🧁⬇️🤤

So this email is to remind YOU to pause for a moment, and give yourself a treat to celebrate all of the wins you’ve had last year, this week, or even just today. You deserve it, too!

Thank you, Jessica, for reminding me to take a moment to be proud. I’ve accomplished so much while also spinning plates and juggling on a tightrope crossing over a lava pit.


Turn down the volume on the negative mental playlist and write back to tell me what YOU are proud of in this moment. Let me give you your cupcakes, too!!!

PPS: Want some clarity in the new year? Book a 1:1 consulting session with me ⬇️


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