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😅 You've only got 7 seconds.

We all know that in order to get friends, connections, opportunities, blah, blah, blah… first impressions count and YOU ONLY GET ONE.


Well, my friend, the same goes for your brand.


You only get one first impression with your ideal client / customer. And although it takes on average 7-10 interactions with your business for someone to get to the point of trusting you enough to buy from you…

That's why I approach brand design differently.

I infuse your unique personality and style into your brand to make it feel like an extension of who you truly are, so that your kindred spirits will find you.

Folks often say they felt drawn to contact me for their project because they related to my fun brand colors, my conversational posts, my quirky bio, etc… and that they loved that it was authentic and unique.

I only take on projects that light me up, and work with people who I vibe with. My branding helps me be able to attract those ideal clients.

And I want you to experience the same.

When I look back at some of our design work, I don't think in brand names. I think in people. I see the actual person behind the scenes of that company. The awesome person who had an idea, a talent, a determined drive… and a really big dream. I work hard to make sure their project feels just like that unique person.

Like Emily:

…and Carmen:

…and Stephanie:

…and Quincey:


Imagine a brand that captures your essence and sparks connections with your ideal client immediately. Together, we’ll craft a visual experience that resonates deeply with your audience.


Let's collab to bring your vision to life!


PS: Just starting out on your branding journey? Grab my free guide below for some tips!


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