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🎃 My Halloween costume

I’m gonna be myself for Halloween this year. I already had all the stuff:

When you pay attention to what's going on in the world or in social media conversations, you can “piggy back” off of those things and simply create fun, on-brand content that relates back to your business. I'm sure you've noticed all the Spirit Halloween costume memes all over social media and the news. And if you haven't noticed them yet – you definitely will now! Remember: there is always a “way in” to connect your brand or skills or product to a pop culture moment or national conversation taking place. Are you listening for those unique opportunities? Be aware, creative, memorable, timely… And people will notice.

Keep in mind that you want to still use topics that are SOMEWHAT related to your brand, personality, life, etc. You don't have to jump on every single trend, but if it fits -- go for it!

Examples below from Oreo (about Discovery Channel's Shark Week), Krispy Kreme (about “DeflateGate”), McDonald's (about Wolverine) and Häagen-Dazs (about Game of Thrones):

Although, we did this fun version for Kismet Acupuncture + Apothecary that folks loved 😆

A word(le) of wisdom if you will…

Stuff like this can be an easy marketing / content win for your brand, and a fun engagement opportunity with your audience!

Have you jumped on any pop culture trends recently? Hit ‘reply’ and let me know or shoot me the link to your post, I'd love to see!

PS: Do you have a content strategy in place for your personal brand or business? If not, and you want to learn more about what that could look like... let's chat and see if we'd be a good fit to work together! I have a few content strategy spots for the remainder of 2022

PPS: A few weeks ago, I told you Flodesk Checkout was ending its beta on November 1st. This is your last chance to save 50% on your lifetime subscription! Details here.


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