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🙏 Sister Mary Clarence FTW

Just a quick story today, my friend…

In an online entrepreneur group I’m a part of, someone had just shared a graphic they created to use as the cover art for their upcoming podcast. People were complimenting it and someone asked if she was an artist.

She gave an answer that made me sad, so I needed to chime in.

As someone who has also struggled with feelings of not being an “official” artist or “official” educator or “official” whatever, I wanted to swoop in and validate her right away.

We don’t need labels in order to feel “allowed” to pursue and do what we’re passionate about — but the external validation sure can help sometimes. 🤗

For example, while we're on the subject of labels – I use my Instagram bio to declare myself (among other things) a nacho enthusiast. It's my most-mentioned attention grabber and it's landed me numerous clients.

What's your nacho?

So, listen – if you’ve been chickening out on embracing the titles you want, I am happy to officially crown you with them! 👑 Hit ‘Reply’ and I’ll gladly oblige. But I’m also FULLY giving you the permission to step into them on your own.

Now, go on with your badass OFFICIAL self, click those heels together, and have an awesome week! 👠✨👠

💖 Love, Artist, founder, educator, marketer, designer, creative director (and nacho enthusiast),



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