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This playlist goes to 11

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

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Today's equivalent of "I made you a tape" is: "I made you a Spotify playlist."

Most days, my home office blasts 80s music (or Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce).

I've always super related to the character of audiophile Rob Gordon in High Fidelity... Top 5 lists for everything, music snob, painstakingly organizing his collection, and needing to curate the appropriate audio setting for any given situation or event, etc etc etc...

For an 80s kid like me, tracks from that decade fuel my workday more than any amount of caffeine ever could (well, almost any amount)... so I wanted to give you my curated playlist of hundreds of the raddest tunes of that neon spandex era for ya.

Hope you love it as much as I do!

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If you were to peek at my Instagram explore page, you'd see a lot of:

• 🌈 colorful rainbow stuff • 📈 marketing memes

• 🧜🏻‍♀️ mermaid & coastal stuff • 👗 plus size fashion

• ✌🏻 boho & hippie lifestyle stuff • 🎸 Bruce Springsteen

• 🌮 nachos • 🎭 Broadway

• 🔰 logo & brand design

And honestly, that's me in a nutshell! But in addition to that list, here's something else I'm super passionate about: After more than 15 years in the arts & entertainment world (working in various concert venues & theatres), I now run my own marketing/design agency on the Jersey Shore. I do brand & web design, content strategy, social media marketing, reputation management, and lots more.

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I work with small and medium sized businesses across many different industries, with clients in sectors including: arts + entertainment, food + dining, health + wellness, retail, insurance, and nonprofit. I even had the privilege of working on the art direction for the Broadway cast recording of the Tony-nominated musical Be More Chill. Definitely one of my favorite projects!!

collage of be more chill CD

Clients have called me their: 💫 “business fairy godmother”, ✨ “magical marketing mermaid”, 🦄 “sparkly unicorn designer” and 👯‍♀️“brand BFF”.

I love to work with people and brands who are: free-spirited, open-minded, creative, kind, and have a story to tell. I'm an idea person, all day, every day. I crave creativity, and absolutely must execute on my vision, (no matter how huge or insane or challenging) every time. My passion is untangling the business knots in your brain and weaving them into engaging content, because I believe every company has a story, and I want to help you tell yours.

I also like to have fun and totally do not take myself too seriously.

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I’m glad you’re here. Enjoy the tunes.



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PS: If you'd like stay in touch, you can sign up for my email list at the bottom of my website. I'll be sharing marketing, social media, and design tips for your business. See you there!

Note: This compiled advice and list of resources was created from a variety of sites and sources and is just meant to provide some tips and information. For professional advice on all topics here, please consult your doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, etc.

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