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These bossladies will inspire you!

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

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Look, I have never been a morning person. Like, ever. Being able to launch myself out of bed at the start of the day with the birds chirping and sun shining has always been a struggle (for both me, and my Rainbow Brite crew).

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Thankfully, there are other (better) ways to launch yourself.

Over the last few years since opening my marketing/design business, I have learned SO. MUCH. Seriously, every day = new lessons. I follow many other educators and women in business and just being able to hear how so many of them have gone through lots of the exact same challenges I have has been such a validating boost for my self esteem! Since learning from other fempreneurs has been very inspiring for me, I wanted to share that experience with you in the hopes that the stories will: inspire you, teach you something, lift you up, make you laugh, validate you, and encourage you.

I wanted to ask them why they chose this crazy life... the real shit.

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Collage of women from the Ladies Who Launch series

More interviews will be posted soon! If YOU want to be featured, or if you know a bosslady who would be perfect for this series, check out the submission details!

Elaine Stritch

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