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✨ You can choose your friends AND your clients

Nothing makes me prouder than when previous clients hire me again for a new project. Although a veryyyyyy close second is when they refer their friends my way. 😍


And that reminded me to send you this little nugget, my friend… 



The majority of my clients have found me through word-of-mouth experiences shared by previous happy clients. I am so proud of that, and the relationships I’ve been able to cultivate over the years by working on the projects that truly light me up with the people I truly vibe with.




Just as you can choose your friends, you can choose your clients!

Keep that in mind next time you get an inquiry email, or someone asks what you do and who you serve.


Let the universe know who you want to work with, so folks can send their friends your way!

PS: Customer reviews / testimonials are key when it comes to word-of-mouth! Grab my free Star Power guide to help you get more reviews and grow your brand authority & awareness:



All the ways I can help






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