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2023 Color of the Year is…

If you take a gander at my online presence, you'll see a lot of hot pink. But, truth be told, it's not even my favorite color… (turquoise, purple, rust...)

But there's real science behind color and how it interacts with our brains, which is a big reason why hot pink is one of my main brand colors!

Oh, and did you catch Pantone's 2023 Color of the Year?

BTW, I didn’t just pick that color out of the sky... I chose hot pink as my main brand color because I wanted to stand out and be bold in a sea of pastel brands.

I was not born to be subtle. I’m always going to pick the sparkly thing. ✨

Hot pink is in every part of my business, from my logo to my social media, to my website!

Pictured below* is a corner of my home office. You'll notice it's playful, whimsical, and creative—like my work, my brand, and me (if I do say so myself!)

Hot pink tones can fuel creative thought, so working here in this bright space every day motivates me and makes me feel confident that my passion comes thru in each project.

*Note: This is an old pic. I'm usually in leggings with a 2-day old spaghetti top knot on top of my head, delicately maneuvering stacks of coffee cups and candles to get to my keyboard. Brushing off some crumbs, scribbling in the margins of my desk calendar, yada yada yada. But I digress!

When we work with a new client on branding, color is one of the first things we look at and do research on. Not just because color is one of the BEST parts of branding, but also so we can find the colors that show the world who you are, what you're about, and how you can make your clients feel!

A lot goes into it. And inspiration can come from anywhere… even Reality Bites?

Yep, sometimes!

Btw, when I look back at some of our design work for various entrepreneurs, I don’t see the company that the design is representing… I see the *person* behind the scenes of that company. The person who had an idea, a talent, a determined drive… and a really big dream.

I don’t think in brand names. I think in people.

To me, they are: Katie, Carmen, Emily, Quincey, Cynthia, Laurelyn & Matt, Jaclyn, Sandi, and Janine. And Stephanie. And BJ. And Jessica. Kris. Dan & Dave. Carey. Jon. Katy & Ben. Danny. Helen & Mary Beth. Marilyn. John. Greg. Kathy. Jennifer. Jenna. Lena. Carl. Sara. Joe.



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