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🙈 Feeling icky about marketing yourself?

Here are 8 simple words that may change your outlook on everything:

“Self-promotion is not gross… it's your responsibility.” – Jen Gottlieb

It's one of my all-time fave quotes because it's a mindset shift we all really need to make. Yeah, yeah – I know: you don't want to be “salesy", you don't want to be “braggy”, you feel icky, and you just kinda hate the idea of it. But if we don't regularly hop out there and promote and advocate for our businesses, who will? You work so hard to create and offer so many great things. Don't you want people to know about all of it, so they can like – I dunno… GIVE YOU THEIR $$$?!

It's not just about sharing your services, what your business does, and how much you love your people… you should also show your face.

I KNOW how hard it is to show yourself online – let alone your authentic day-to-day self!

I totally get it. I used to make sure I had makeup on, and a non-pajama outfit, hair looking not like a rat's nest, lit correctly, in front of the best backdrop, and deffffffinitely tried to only use “flattering” angles for my photos… blah blah blahhhhhhhhh fakeity fake fake fake. 🙄

But after hearing Jen Gottlieb's quote, I was reminded that it's important to talk about who I am, and that I can show folks the person behind the brand in easy, non-cringy ways that still feel authentic to me… without all the smoke and mirrors all the time.

Bottom line: People love seeing people.

So how can you build the "know/like/trust factor" more regularly into your content?

  • People hire people they like!

  • People buy from people they like!

  • People invest in people they like!

By sharing the YOU, you become more authentic to your audience and potential customers and people feel like they are getting to know you. They can relate to you, and this is a HUGE deal. Are people clicking with you? Are they vibing? You know... that feeling of, "OMG YOU GET ME."

You attract what you are.

Get real, and don't be afraid to share the imperfect moments. In fact, this can even help you find your ideal customer avatar! Speak directly to them. Uniquely them.

Once you start allowing the “unpolished”, it gets easier each time. I promise.

If you're giving Reels a try (or showing your face more in your feed with some good ol' classic selfies), hit ‘reply’ and let me know! I'd love to be your cheerleader, too!

PS: Do you have a content strategy in place for your personal brand or business? If not, and you want to learn more about what that could look like... let's chat and see if we'd be a good fit to work together! I have a few content strategy spots for the remainder of 2022


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