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Ladies Who Launch, #10: Nicole Salvatore, Copywriter

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

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If this is you trying to write your website copy, you should get in touch with Nicole Salvatore!


I can't believe we're here at the 10th edition of Ladies Who Launch -- and it's the final entry of 2019!

I want to sincerely thank all the awesome bossladies who have been featured thus far and who participated in this process. I have learned so much from all of you, and I've also really loved seeing how similar we all are and how everyone shares so many of the same struggles.

I'm really pleased to be closing out the first season of Ladies Who Launch with today's feature -- as it also ties in with a cause I care deeply about. Read on for more details.

And, before I forget: HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOURS!!! See you in the new decade.

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Let's dive in!

One of the things that's been very rewarding about running my own business is being able to partner with some really awesome non-profits whose missions I believe in -- and in turn, getting to know the passionate people behind the scenes doing the work. (More on that in a minute).

One local organization in particular has grown very near and dear to my heart as we have worked on building up their social media presence and content strategy, and that is Food For Thought By The Sea.

Food For Thought's mission is to support and nourish its community through the culinary arts. The organization launched in 2006 and is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Asbury Park, NJ that is dedicated to helping the community and creating a positive environment for the local youth. The organization was founded by restaurateur Marilyn Schlossbach.

Food For Thought is a trusted resource to the local youth and the at-risk community at large through their grassroots and education-based initiatives focused on the culinary-arts and environmental awareness. They also:

  • Provide free meals to ~3,000 during holidays

  • Run hospitality and culinary-arts training programs and provide hands-on industry experience to local youth

  • Partner with local nonprofits to increase positive educational and recreational opportunities to families and children

  • Prepare for the spring 2020 launch of their food truck where they will mentor and employ local youth to work on the food truck at events throughout the community and provide a vehicle for local charities to raise funds and awareness. This "vehicle for change" will be a community fundraiser on wheels!

As I got involved with the organization back in the spring, I started to see how many volunteers, sponsors, and organizations were lending their support to raise funds for the truck and spread the word. It truly was/is a community effort!

I've known Marilyn Schlossbach for years and I know she is a VERY passionate and VERY busy woman. She is involved in so many organizations and is a supporter of community, culinary, and environmental causes. Anyone who knows Marilyn, knows her giant heart.

She is a leader and business woman, who owns several restaurants in the area -- and has her own catering company. She is also married and a mom of twin girls.

And yet, her personal brand is strong and she has several websites to showcase each of her businesses -- and still has the time to blog!

At one early board meeting, I had to wonder how Marilyn manages to write, blog, and keep her sites updated when she's involved in SO many other projects and running organizations and raising a family.

Meet: Nicole Salvatore.

Nicole Salvatore (Photo: Brandi Grooms Photography)
Nicole Salvatore (Photo: Brandi Grooms Photography)

Nicole is the face behind many of Marilyn's business blog posts, as well as her web copy, and assorted pieces of content.

She is the Copywriter & Founder of Nicole Salvatore LLC, a copy and content writing service based in Belmar, NJ.

Nicole went full-time in February of 2019 after years of writing for non-profits, job seekers, and local businesses.

I'm so excited to publish Nicole's Ladies Who Launch story this week so you can learn more about this creative, talented, detail-oriented entrepreneur!

(ICYMI, this is a blog series where I chat with badass bossladies around the world who have taken the leap of faith into entrepreneurial life.)

BTW - If you know a bosslady who would be perfect for a future feature in this blog series, send her this link.

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Let's talk with Nicole about her experience launching her business, and the inspiration for how it all came to be!

Author's note: Responses may be slightly edited/condensed.

Nicole Salvatore (Photo: Brandi Grooms Photography)
Nicole Salvatore (Photo: Brandi Grooms Photography)

Q: What made you decide to launch your business?

I met an amazing local entrepreneur and humanitarian on retreat. Marilyn Schlossbach mentioned that she'd like me to write for her and I was floored. While it wasn't my first writing gig, it was the first time I truly felt that someone believed in me as a business person. I am still in awe of her faith in me, not to mention the phenomenal work she does out in the world.

Marilyn Schlossbach (Photo by Rob Cusick)
Marilyn Schlossbach (Photo by Rob Cusick)

Q: Two-part question: What does your staff/team look like if you have one, and who is/are your personal support system?

I am my company's team right now. At the same time, my support system includes my family, my close-knit friend group, my partner, and my Babes In Business community. In addition to connecting with local coaches and wellness professionals through an organization called MindRise, I sought personal coaching from the incomparable and badass Kara Lowentheil and have a copywriting mentor on each coast. Sarah Turner, my west-coast mentor also introduced me to an amazing community of copywriters from around the world and I connect with them via Facebook and at our masterminds. My support system also includes my local yoga teachers at Metta Yoga, my spin instructors at Tandem in Asbury Park, and anyone who has ever made me a chai latte or smokey margarita...

Q: What is something you wish you knew before starting your own business (the stuff nobody tells you about)?

No one told me about all of the mindset shifts I'd have to make in order to make this entrepreneur life work for me. I've shifted how I think about hustle, money, health, and the value I bring to the table. No one really hammered home the idea that sometimes people just don't pay you, even if you have a contract with them. And no one ever gave me permission to make this business exactly what I want it to be. But I've given myself that permission. And doing that has allowed me to help so many more people than I would if I waited for someone else to tell me how it "should" be done. No one tells you this most vital and stellar truth: You decide how badass your life is going to be and the same is true for your business.

Nicole Salvatore (photo by Brandi Grooms Photography)
Nicole Salvatore (photo by Brandi Grooms Photography)

Q: What is something you're REALLY bad at?

I'm terrible at writing by hand. I know that's a weird confession for a professional writer but I've tried. I went through 8 years of O.T. for a motor skill issue that's only gotten me to the serial-killer-handwriting-level of the game. I still write all brainstorms and drafts by hand because I think that's the most natural way to do those things. But I'm so grateful for my typewriter and laptop. I'm also bad at being cold. I am not a quiet person as I suffer and I will gladly trade being stylish for being warm in the winter. Can't find me under all that wool? That's fine. I'll see you when the weather breaks.


Q: How do you de-compress -- such as binge tv, activities, food, hobbies, pop culture guilty

pleasures, etc?

My goal is to have a life I don't need to escape from and I've been working on that since I began writing full-time. That being said, I love to paint, use my typewriter, do yoga (I'm on an aerial yoga kick right now), hit the spa or banya, and travel. Planning my writing in batches means I can head home to see my family in Philly or catch a flight to somewhere new.

Author's note:

I LOVE Nicole's opening statement above!!! "My goal is to have a life I don't need to escape from..." Let's all remember that and work towards the same goal :-)

Q: Most-played track on Spotify?

Artist: Valencia / Song: "Tenth Street" Artist: Brian Fallon / Song: "A Wonderful Life"

Q: Favorite liquid refreshment?

I am in an on-again-off-again relationship with caffeine so I love chai lattes but I'm also a red wine drinker and margarita sipper.


Q: Could you tell me about a woman who inspires you, or who you look up to?

I admire my mentor Sarah Turner, Marilyn Schlossbach my client and friend, and my mother and grandmother. These women have not let life happen to them. They've chosen it. They've decided who they are and how they'll serve the world. And they inspire me to do the same.

Marilyn Schlossbach & Nicole Salvatore
Nicole with Marilyn Schlossbach and her book, "Feed This Community"

Q: Favorite inspirational quote?

“Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all others were making ships.” - Charles Simic This quote from one of my favorite poets reminds me that even if what I'm doing looks radically different than what everyone else is doing, I am still stellar, powerful, brilliant, and I can still make an impact, my way.

Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all the others were making ships -Charles Simic quote image

Q: What's your best business tip?

My best business tip is to know your ideal client, to work with them, to believe in them, to speak to them in all of your copywriting and advertising. That way you can have them in mind as you create your packages, services, and products. And the last thing is to know that an ideal client will ALWAYS see the value that you bring to the table. Make sure you do too.

Nicole Salvatore with client Aislyn
Aislyn and Nicole chatting about writing

Q: Time to let it out... favorite curse word?!

Fuck. It's a noun. It's a verb. You can make it an adjective too. As a writer, I admire that level of versatility in a word.


Q: What are your Top 5 tools of the trade that you couldn't live without? 

1. My creativity and my laptop: My mind and the ability to turn my thoughts into Google Docs are my greatest assets.  2. My And.Co account: I use it to send proposals and contracts, invoice, and even receive payments. I can track those things with ease and automate my process as well. And.Co's contracts are aligned with the Freelancer's Union, of which I am a member, so I trust that the contract that my clients sign is on-point every time.  3. My black Moleskine notebook and Sharpie pen (I'm a lefty and I can't live without these quick-dry wonders!)  4. My cell phone: From emails to social media posts to invoice reminders and Google Docs, I put that thing to work. (Favorite Apps? Tomato Timer for task-timing, Canva for designing social posts, Pexels for stock photos, Instagram for sharing those posts, and Google Calendar to make sure I know what's next.) I also use my phone to connect with my network of amazing copywriters, my Babes In Business community, my coach, my mentor Sarah Turner, and all of my loved ones and favorite people. 5. My Brinn Bag: My stunning backpack from local designer Ciara Perrone is so much more than a style staple. It holds everything from my laptop and pens to my yoga clothes and flip flops for quick transitions. Aside from toting it around from the beach to the coffee shop, I take it whenever I hop on a flight since I can work from everywhere. 


Q: Last question: what about this job & lifestyle brings you the most joy and fulfillment?

I love helping my clients build and grow their businesses. Bringing their voices to the clients and customers they serve is a privilege. I love writing and strategizing and creating, every day. And I love that I can do it from anywhere in the world. I'm by no means a jet-setter yet, but I've launched a business that can bring my clients more time, income, and impact. And that's pretty stellar.

Nicole Salvatore in her happy place (photo by Brandi Grooms Photography)
Nicole in her happy place (photo by Brandi Grooms Photography)



Thanks to Nicole for sharing your story with me. I've loved stepping into your world of writing, client brainstorming, and creativity!

You can email Nicole at or follow her on Instagram.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed within these interview answers are those of the interviewee and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Alycia Yerves Creative. Any content provided by our interviewees are of their opinion and are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, or anyone or anything.

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