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📝 My birthday list from 1991

Last week was my 40th birthday. 😱

As a typical Cancer crab 🦀♋️, I'm pretty much a homebody and I don't really “go out and do stuff” all that often. But I've been using this milestone as an opportunity to step away from my work a bit and treat myself to a bunch of things over the course of what I'm calling: my “summer of George”.

That includes taking some time off, seeing some Broadway shows I've been dying to get to, maybe a few day trips, some penny slots, pool days, and the general taking-in-of-culture and whatnot.

I've been having fun. Follow along on Instagram – I'll keep ya posted.

Recently, my mom texted me this old gift list (circa 1991) and asked if I still want any of these for my birthday… honestly, I would still like to receive all of these things, except the copious amount of sports equipment 😬:

In case you can't decipher the chicken scratch of an 8-year-old, let me give you the highlights reel:

  • The big ask this year was a “grown up” 10-speed bike w/ curved handlebars. (Spoiler alert: I got it. Thanks, M&D! 🙌)

  • Always the music nerd, I also wanted cassette tapes of Madonna, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, and New Kids on the Block – plus a new cassette tape player AND a fancy-ass CD Walkman.

  • Back in the day, I actually enjoyed the summer – so I wanted tons of toys and games for the beach/pool (including Balzac, which was an actual legit thing 👀)

  • Spandex*.

  • *Apparently I did not provide additional instruction on this point. Just give me all the spandex that I require.

But ya know what I want most for my birthday this year? FOR US TO FINALLY WORK TOGETHER.

I know you've been thinking about it. Let's make it official. We can put on our spandex, turn up the NKOTB, and get to work. It'll be rad. It's the Summer of George, after all!

What was on your birthday wishlist when you were turning “the big number 9”?

Reach out and tell me.


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