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👀 Website project reveal!

I'm so excited to share this one with you.

It’s always very important to me that any projects I take on become infused with the personality of my clients — the person or team (OR PETS! 🐾) behind the brand. Having the end result be a true reflection of who’s behind the scenes is one of my favorite parts of what I do.

We’ve been lucky enough to partner with Wish Upon a Jar for several years now, on a wide range of marketing/design projects — including even giving their storefront facade and exterior a total makeover (which the folks in Point Pleasant, NJ love to take their pic in front of).

Owners, Laurelyn & Matt, are such dreamy clients for many reasons (including being fellow huuuuge music lovers) — but especially because they are open-minded, and ready to take action on ideas and initiatives that come out of our brainstorms. In addition, they are willing to try things out and give fresh ideas the time and space they need to start getting results.

We knew it was finally time to create a brand new website for this colorful paint-your-own-pottery studio that accurately conveyed the fun, engaging, welcoming, and creative environment that guests experience every time they walk through the front door.

Plus, Irwin & Draco make it clear that their paws are all over this place! 🐾

If you know me — you know I LOVE color. Rainbow, specifically. Tie-dye? Uh, even more specifically. So with Wish’s fun rainbow tie-dye branding that already existed, I wanted to have our team create a website to match the vibrancy and whimsy of that and of everything they do there (which includes classes, parties, fundraisers, summer camp, art club, and a lot more!!)

And if you sign up for their emails, they’ll send you a coupon!


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